3525 East Mulberry Fort Collins, CO 80524 970-224-0211
Most Any Make/Model Mobile Strong Storage Drawers $0.00
Stock #: MBBS Color: Black
VIN/Serial #: MBBS Engine: Gas/Diesel
Year: Most Any Make/Model Retail Price: $0.00
Make: Mobile Strong Contact Person: Sales Staff
Model: Storage Drawers Phone: 970-224-0211
Mileage/Hours: 00
Contact Information:
Sales Staff
3525 East Mulberry
Fort Collins , CO 80524
Vehicle Description
One day, on a long drive home from work, I noticed up ahead, pulled over on the side of the highway, a vehicle and a boat. I assumed mechanical difficulty, but as I moved over to the other lane to pass, I could see more clearly that it was a large SUV with a flat tire and the boat was disconnected from the vehicle. The door on the rear of the vehicle was up, and the fishing tackle, life jackets, coolers, rain gear, and storage containers that were presumably tossed in the back end of the vehicle were now lying all over the side of the road as a chaotic array of debris. Presumably, the tornado of flying gear happened in order for the stranded driver to access the tire jack and wrench.