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Most Any Make/Model Cody Hitch $0.00
Stock #: QH001 Color: Black
VIN/Serial #: QH001 Engine: Gas/Diesel
Year: Most Any Make/Model Retail Price: $0.00
Make: Cody Contact Person: Sales Staff
Model: Hitch Phone: 970-224-0211
Mileage/Hours: 00
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Sales Staff
3525 East Mulberry
Fort Collins , CO 80524
Vehicle Description
Finally, a heavy duty gooseneck hitch that is quickly and easily installed! The complete assembly is packed ready for installation - all you need are a few common tools and a 4 1/8" hole saw. If you have basic mechanical skills and knowledge, you can do this, otherwise the installation should be done by a professional. Fast easy steps allow you to bolt the cody hitch to the frame rails with NO cutting, welding or bed removal required. RATING / CAPACITY 35,000 LB GVW (30,000 lb. with High Rise Ball) - 7,500 lb. Vertical Load The 35,000 pound gross trailer weight and 7500 pound gross tongue weight rating is achieved with a heavy DUAL/BOXED beam center section formed from 1/4" steel plate. WHY should I consider a Cody Gooseneck Hitch Towing Product? In these challenging economic times, value and durability are more important than ever. Many household names are changing or disappearing altogether. One thing has not changed, however, the fact is that Gooseneck Trailer Hitches remain one of the most popular add on features of any pickup, new or used, and the CODY UNIVERSAL GOOSENECK HITCH is one of the best values available. WITH A CODY GOOSENECK HITCH You get a very heavy duty, commercial quality, hitch. Compare the difference between the double boxed structure with a full 1/2" thick ball socket, welded to the top and bottom of the structure, to most other removable ball hitches with an open channel structure with a much lighter ball socket hanging from the top of the only support. Usability and reliability are key with a Cody Gooseneck Hitch. There are no rods, springs or linkages in the dirt under your bed to break, wear or stick. No reaching in the mud or frustration with releases slipping. With the straight through ball socket design, less jamming and freezing the ball in the socket. Every working truck will have debris find its way into any opening in the bed. With a Cody Hitch, if sand and debris do wedge the ball, a few side taps let it fall through, not jamb tighter on a lip on the bottom of the socket. You will receive a Brand New, and totally "self-contained" hitch, complete with installation hardware and instructions. You can install yourself, if you have basic mechanical skills, OR you may have a shop of your choice do it for you, expecting to pay approximately two hours of labor charges. You can be comfortable in knowing this is a UNIVERSAL hitch, and, barring major truck design changes, is transferrable to your next truck!